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  • SPE Distinguished Lecture-December 01, 2021

    We hope you can join us, and make the most of SPE Distinguished Lecturer–Ian Phillips virtual visit with our section.

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    SPE Distinguished Lecturers are industry experts and outstanding speakers, nominated by their peers, to share their knowledge and expertise on the latest industry trends and technologies with SPE members throughout the world through visits to local sections. 

    New Delhi Section
    Wednesday, 01 December 2021
    1530 hours onwards 

    followed by Q & A

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     This presentation considers the future of the oil and gas industry from two perspectives.

    The first half paints a picture of an industry in extremely good health and with an exciting future - global population continues to grow and individuals' standard of living continues to rise - so demand for energy is growing steadily. Despite this growing demand, global proven reserves have risen as technology improves. In addition, we know where there is a lot more oil and gas in deposits that are currently uneconomic, but a small increase in the oil price would make these "proven reserves." In a nutshell, the industry might have a bright future.

     The second half presents the significant obstacle: summarizing the science of climate change and considering what happened when temperature rose this high in the past. The emerging alternatives, renewables, energy efficiency, and some dramatic scientific advances in "clean hydrocarbons," will also be reviewed.

     The presentation closes with an assessment of the impact of these competing forces on the oil and gas industry, the developed world, and the human race.


    Programme Team

    SPE New Delhi